The ACE Transporter


In designing the new ACE Transporter we set out to domestically manufacture a transporter that would offer the agricultural industry a new standard in performance, efficiency and longevity.


This machine has a comfortable top speed of 65 km/hr – or 50 km/hr in reverse – powered by a gutsy 275HP engine matched with a smooth Power-shift transmission that includes an automatic mode.


The articulation of the ACE Transporter enables increased manoeuvrability that allows the operator to easily reverse fill next to the harvester, reducing turning time in the field.


When fully loaded the ACE Transporter can leave the field at high speed, forward or reverse. We have ensured world-class quality in operator comfort of the ACE Transporter, with a spacious cab, leather wrap steering and premium seating, giving the machine an automotive feel rarely found in typical agricultural machinery.


Full airbag suspension adds to the level of operator comfort. The power-shift transmission makes operation of the ACE Transporter simple and smooth, even at top speed.

There is no clutch, so the operator just places the bump-shift into the forward or reverse position then bumps the shifter up or down the gears while under full acceleration.


A single joystick makes operating the trailer very easy as all functions are controlled with one hand. A declutch trigger on the joystick means the operator does not need to take the machine out of gear or hold their foot on the brake pedal while unloading the trailer.


All of these features contribute to the fast operation and improved efficiencies that the ACE Transporter brings to the sugar industry.


The ACE Transporter’s powerhead includes the hydraulic tank, pumps and valves required for typical trailer controls. This ensures high-quality components are used and supports the smart electronic joystick for the bin functions.


The quality of components used in the ACE Transporter and the machine’s longer effective life has been recognised by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).


Asset Finance Specialist, John McNeil has confirmed that the ACE Transporter has qualified for CBA’s Energy Efficient Equipment Finance Facility, applying a standard 0.7 per cent discount to the rate the customer normally pays for the asset being financed.


This means that the bank will structure payments over a 5-year term with an option of a 30-50 per cent balloon payment, giving clients more flexibility and double the repayment term to pay off the asset.


This is in contrast to the bank’s usual financing structure for tractors used in cane haulage where the CBA prefers to limit the term to four years with no residual value expected.


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